Glass Bubbles and Hyacinth


Annie: Oh you know that reminds me actually, I never got a chance to try that fucking cookie! Stupid fucking cookie! Ooh, delicious, stupid cookie. I think I’ll… Maybe it’s better if I dip it in the chocolate. Is this what you want, Lillian? All right, let’s have some nice unsanitary hot chocolate!


Being upset about you is like being upset about stupidity. 

All in all, I suppose I’m glad that you didn’t take me down with you.  I went on my downward spiral, you went on yours.  I think I might like mine better - much higher chance for me to bounce back still.  You on the other hand, well, some things are too deep-rooted, aren’t they?

Happy Birthday, Fatso!

Tonight, I gave myself an early surprise birthday present:  I stepped on a scale.  I am now, for the first time ever, officially overweight. Happy Birthday/New Year’s, you big cow! 

For 2011, I’m going to lose 20 and 11 pounds.  That’s the goal.  We’ll see.  I’ve never really lost weight before, but then again, before I was 21, I was underweight and couldn’t gain a pound no matter what I did. 

Eff, this is NOT going to be easy, but it absolutely needs to be done.  I’m so ashamed that I just watched my slender body expand to this size over the years, fully expecting it to either stop or reverse itself on its own.  Soooo stupid.

The Trick is to Never Come Home as the Same Person

Sometimes, it’s just a good idea to stay on vacation and never come home.  I’ve been home for only a few days, and I’ve encountered nothing but disaster, self-made and otherwise. 

P.E.I was beautiful, and I was so happy to enter it while lilacs were still in bloom, where in Ontario, they were long gone.  Fragrant wild rose bushes had bloomed seemingly everywhere, too.  Lupines seem grow the way dandelions grow here.

The landscape is wonderful, all brilliant red and rich, even green.  I love how dirt looks clean there, and how the sunset mixed with the red casts an unmistakable pink over the entire island. 

I’ve never seen water shine and shimmer like that before, as if the surface was jewel encrusted. 

There’s so much to say about this island. 

I’ve come home to a good dose of realism, though, which immediately took lingering vacation daze and glow away.  This woman needs to change into a more responsible individual.  Just enough so that I don’t ruin my relationships and I don’t ruin myself.  Not that I should “grow up”, but, as an adult, there’s no harm in doing some responsible adult things while being youthful at the same time.  In short, I need to stop drinking and be more thoughtful of myself and my loved ones.  I’m better than this.

Just a quick show and tell of our bunny.

Can anyone tell me if they’re having problems with playing this video on Tumblr, or if it’s just me?  I’ll remove the video if so, and put a YouTube link instead.

What happened to this song?  It was crazily popular for one season, overplayed on the radio and everything, and then it dropped from existence and, seemingly, from everyone’s memories.  I loved this song, and still do.  I wish it would make a comeback.


Rilo Kiley.  Jenny Lewis makes me sweat.

You liked Jewel as a kid, didn’t you?